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Jesus Gifts

Tis the season and I want to give you a list of things I have used this year that have helped me with anxiety.

Fuel Your Body, Soul, and Mind Christmas List;


Sugar and carbs inflame the body. When you are struggling with anxiety, you want to stay away from those things. I eat mainly paleo so here are my top 3 foods that I like! Click the image to grab these treats for yourself or a loved one!

Also, dress with a reminder to be Fearless. Check out the cute stuff we have in our store. These make great gifts!


Doing a thought dump regularly of things that are bothering me and then bringing them to Jesus is a key practice I do. Here is the Journal I use to get that done!


Feeding your spirit is most important if you want to overcome anxiety. Here are the top items I used this year and items I have heard that have helped. NLT Parallel Study Bible, TuTone (LeatherLike, Brown/Tan):

It’s impertavive that you are reading God’s Word and that you have a Bible that helps you break down what the Word means. This Bible that I use every day, will NOT let you down.

Stand Fearless Devotional: Me and some of the Fearless team wrote this devo. If you need help standing Fearless everyday, don’t delay getting a copy of this while it’s $5 off!

Bonus!!! For Teens: Exceptionally Made Devotional

Here are a few things I just got my kids for Christmas that I have heard are really good!

For Children: I have found these books to be GREAT faith builders.

I hope you choose to put something life-giving under the tree this Christmas, and don't forget to take advantage of our devotional sale until Sunday at

With love,

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