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Ways to Support Life-Changing Retreat!

Our Fearless Breakthrough Retreat countdown is on! We are praying over the women who will be joining us March 8-10th in Branson, MO for a weekend of rest, equipping, and restoration. Did you know that over 50% of the women that attend our retreats need financial assistance? 

You can help change a woman's life by donating towards our scholarship fund.  

Be confident that 100% of your giving goes towards awarding a precious woman of God full or partial scholarships to attend our Retreats.

One full scholarship is $449. It includes; 

  • 3 days and 2 nights of high value, expertise teaching and materials

  • Luxury Accommodations

  • All meals, snacks and drinks 

  • Retreat exclusive Shirt  

  • Gift bag from the Fearless Team

Give what every God leads you to give. A donation of any amount supports our scholarship program in a MIGHTY way. It has allowed us to already provide (3) full and partial scholarships to woman this year, with more in need. Thank you for your generosity!

It is very expensive to spiritually and physically nourish 40 retreat guests. Your generosity towards essential retreat items will make a huge difference, or connecting us with a contact who may be interested in donating!

We have made this very easy by supplying you an Amazon Wishlist and our Walmart Grocery List. That way you know exactly what you are contributing!

 Essential retreat items include 

  • Snacks

  • Drinks

  • Retreat gifts 

  • Materials 

Donate to our Fearless Venmo account:

Indicate if you're donating towards scholarship or retreat essentials in the memo @fearlessunite

How do I know supporting retreat changes?It changed mine.Two years ago I had never heard of Fearless Unite. I didn't know anything about their retreats, but what I knew was I was currently in the grips of a dizzying triggered spiral of fear & anxiety.

I was desperate. And when a good friend stumbled on an ad for the retreat and asked if I wanted to join, it was the easiest "yes". I believe, because that yes was holy.

I was anxious to leave my family for the weekend, anxious to be in a space with only one person I knew, the majority strangers to me. The enemy attacked in ways that tempted me to back out leading all the way up to the morning we were to depart.

I made it. God delivered me to the Fearless retreat, and life hasn't looked the same since. The weekend wasn't as much about what it did for me, but what God did through the teachers and within me. The level of intimacy in my relationship with God took on whole new heights. I learned tools to be equipped, not for a life free of difficult circumstance or trials, rather a deep trust in EVEN IF. Even if the storms raged, because we know they will, I was not going to drown in the waves. I learned how to truly let God sustain my life, and left the retreat working each day to let that change & continue to grow in my life.

And it has, every single day since.

When I invite you to support retreat, it's changing the lives of women like me.

My yes was easy, because there was also no barrier to me attending. That isn't the case for so many of the women who need this retreat, who desperately want to attend but cannot financially afford it. Will you join me in giving the gift of retreat or supporting a donation of food or supplies?

It changes lives. I am proof.

With love,


On this weeks Fearless Tips & Talks Podcast Christy shares  a struggle she has with surrender.

Where are you not trusting God? 

What if you let go, and let God be God? 

How much would that change your life? 

What are you white-knuckling right now thinking it will bring you peace? 

If surrender is a space you need to dig into, this Tips episode is a must listen. Love,


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