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Heart of Worship Bible Verse


It's the first signal a worship song is speaking to my heart in the exact way it needs to. Those little hairs start prickling, my eyes often close, and if the verse is hitting my heart somehow, it's like the melody soaks straight into my soul. Whether it was a comfort favorite I knew I could lean into or a wild hit from left field in a wounded or tender space, God needed my awareness.

Worship music has long been a "love language" in my faith walk. It isn't rare for me to retreat to the stillness, with just the sound of lyrics flowing around and sinking within. When I think of the goodness and the all-knowingness of our Father, I am confident of the ways in which He uniquely reaches each of us and cultivates worship. No matter how we feel, there is no barrier to what we can bring to God. Every high, every low, every gratitude, every praise, every space that exists between. Worship lays it at His feet.

Worship music opens up an opportunity to learn & receive the gospel in different ways. Research findings suggest that the frequency of listening to worship music has an overall positive impact on our mental & psychological health over our lifetime. Decreasing anxiety, increasing hope and encouragement, and improving mental clarity.

One of the most recognizable men in the Bible, David, himself was a talented musician, singer, and lyricist -- filling nearly half the book of Psalms with his beautifully written lyrics. For David, his music was an extension of his deep faith & praise and, at times, intense emotional worship.

A man of courage, David was equally a fierce and courageous warrior. He was victorious in withstanding countless attacks from enemies, walking onto the battlefield to face Goliath as the "underdog."

David defeated his giant, Goliath, but His power came directly from God through the Holy Spirit. And in 2 Samuel 22, we see David worship God through song.

I gathered ten of my favorite worship songs to share with you that invite God in, encouraging us to extend our worship inward & outward. They have brought me toe to toe in circumstances that had my fear & anxiety spiraling, yet these songs have become battle cries, the "call to action" to armor up when the battles I may be facing seem insurmountable. The gospel truths I can assuredly stand on.

I call them my "David Playlist." I know there will be giants I will face in life that have the odds stacked against me. And just like David, I want to have a heart for God, to love Him sincerely and humbly, and to trust Him completely.

Worship my friend, worship and let God slay your giants.

Shaunna’s David Playlist:

*click the image to hear the song and worship with me!

With love,

Are you looking for a community to join and worship together? Visit our upcoming events to find opportunities to connect in various ways that fit your needs. Creating community with one another creates a beautiful support system that we firmly believe helps break us from the strongholds fear & anxiety can isolate us within. We hope to see you soon!

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