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Soul Shepherd
Mental Health Advocate

Catch the vision by watching this video first. 

We have a mental health crisis in our world, affecting an estimated 950 million people worldwide, and is the leading cause of disability across all age groups. 


Fearless Unite is ready to take the necessary next steps to do our part in helping with the mental health crises in our community.

My Dream


I have had a dream for many years that got set in motion the day I got hospitalized for panic and anxiety disorder.


This dream is a collaborative space where we join forces with local medical practitioners to build a network grounded in the shared belief that true well-being arises when we prioritize seeking Jesus above all else. 


By nurturing our spiritual connection with the one true God, caring for our physical bodies, and tending to our mental health, we can aim to embody the healthiest version of ourselves this side of Heaven.

Soul Shepherd

Here is what the role of a soul shepherd will look like. We will receive a referral from our networks of churches and local hospital connections on the behalf of the family of a teen girl who is in a mental health crisis.


  1. First, the parents will be given advice on how to establish a clinical team for their daughter through Fearless’s powerful networks of doctors and therapists that believe in the full body, soul and spirit vision, so the teen can get relief from the tormenting chains of fear and anxiety.  

  2. Once the teen is getting relief from physical fear and anxiety and is able to think clearly, then she will have the opportunity to enter into a six month discipleship program with her dedicated Soul Shepherd. The goal would be that willing parents and siblings would be invited to participate in this six month discipleship program as well. 

  3. The Soul Shepherd will continue to check in and intercede for that teen and family.

  4. The final goal is the teen and family finds freedom from their mental health burdens and is now healthy, thriving, citizens, and if called by God, paying it forward and becoming Soul Shepherd themselves. 

WE believe there is a mental health crisis in our world today because we have a discipleship crisis in our world.

Meet The Soul Shepherd Team

Meet the Soul Shepherd Team  (3).png
Happy Family

 Here are three ways you can help us.

  1. Get behind this vision by showing your support financially. We have a dedicated link below that will go directly to the Soul Shepherd initiative. 

  2. Fill out the below form with interested practitioners in the St. Charles Community who fit the vision of this mission. We would love to review their practices and possibly set up an interview with them.   

  3. Pray for our discipleship team. They are giving up a lot to be poured into so they can pour into others.

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