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Stop Shaming Yourself Because of Anxiety

Last week I told you my first aftershock tip, “Don’t try and hide it.” As a reminder, aftershocks are my definition of anxiety attacks that take place after a big event like a nervous breakdown.

This week's tip is something I see many not doing well.

Aftershock tip two: Be Kind to yourself

Shaming yourself into believing you are weak, faithless, and worthless only perpetuates the anxiety cycle. Give yourself some space to breathe, rest and relax in the fact that aftershocks don't last forever. Taking inventory of where you are and what triggered the aftershock is wise. Fools ignore aftershocks; wisdom excavates them to find out what's under the surface. For me, a big trigger is exhaustion.

Do you know your triggers? Take a moment to take this quiz. It’s just a tool to help you be honest with yourself and identify what causes anxiety.

How did the quiz go? Did you surprise yourself with your answers or did you pretty much already know what triggers your anxiety? I would love to know!

I mentioned exhaustion is a trigger for me, which goes along with being overcommitted. If this is a trigger for you, I highly recommend you get this book today! The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. I have read it three times, it's that GOOD!

I wish I knew this stuff as a teen. Just maybe I would not have dealt with a nervous breakdown in my adulthood? Our team has developed a beautiful Teens devotional called Exceptionally Made. I would love you to go pick one up for a teen girl in your life. Get Exceptionally Made Here. We have sold hundreds of them and the feedback is all wonderful!


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