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I See a Counselor and You Should Too

Why do you need a Christian Counselor?

Being discharged from the hospital should have made me feel better. After all, I had a diagnosis now; "severe panic and anxiety disorder." The solutions seemed to be Xanax to calm my out-of-control body and follow up with my primary care physician for more treatment options. It seems fair to assume releasing someone from the hospital means they should be stable. It's easy to measure stability when it's physical because the medical professionals have vital signs and pain measurements, but how about when it's mental?

The Counseling Connection

I believe in therapy. Christian therapy, that is. Please follow me closely because this can get tricky. Many great therapists are not Christian. The process with a non-Christian therapist can be very effective, but I believe it can only get you so far. My friend Rachael Elmore, an author speaker who owns a Christian counseling practice, explains it this way.

"I use the same tools and techniques that any secular therapist would use in my counseling practice. I have the same training as a secular therapist. In many ways, it's not that different. However, there's one significant difference between the two. Secular therapy bases its treatment on theory. Many Christian counselors use theory and Truth—the truth of what God says about us and our actions. Now, theory matters a lot. However, for many Christian counselors, Truth and the word of God matters more than Theory. Truth trumps theory.

Now, there's nothing wrong with seeing a secular therapist. I personally would not because I want my therapist to understand the role of my faith in my life, my health, and my decisions.

But I don't tell people to do what feels good. I tell people to do what is right. If you do what is right, He will honor that, and God will be glorified."

I completely agree with Rachel. Truth trumps theory. As I got to know God's Truth in my life, it transformed me from the inside out. Only the power of God's Word packed with truth can do that, and theory is not even a close second.

When I first got diagnosed with severe panic and anxiety disorder I saw a therapist 2 times a week for 2 hours a day. Now I see one about once a month. Seeing a therapist has helped my journey tremendously.

Here is the list of local Christian Counselors. Be brave and take this step today!

If you are not local, check out

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