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Anxiety Aftermath Can Leave a Mess

Last week tip two was be kind to yourself. I hope you have taken that advice seriously. :) This week Tip Three is: The aftermath can leave a mess.

Let me explain why that’s a tip. When your body has a panic attack, it can take a while to rebound from it. Just like an aftershock hitting an area leaves a crumbly mess, so does panic in our bodies. I used to wonder why I felt off days after a panic attack, but now I know it's normal for my body to need time to rebound after an aftershock, which helps bring me peace. I'm careful to avoid extra stress in the days following an aftershock, and I often make sure to get extra rest and exercise. A good clean diet helps as well. Unhealthy foods loaded with carbs and sugar add to the already crumbly mess.

I’m on a huge health journey right now after finding out last year that I have Hashimoto's disease. I’m learning that my diet does have a lot to do with the anxiety I experience in my life. Here is my Amazon list of favorite foods that are healthy when you are on the go!

Aftershocks, panic attacks, health, stress, and more are triggers for feelings of fear. Often being fearful also makes us feel alone in our trials. If you're struggling to see God and put your faith above your fears, and want to learn how other women faced theirs, I invite you to check out the Unafraid Women of the Bible devotional. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the phenomenal team at Dwell Project for this devotion book, so journey with us to look at 21 women in scripture who faced their fears to press into what God called them to. Get Unafraid here.


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