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Depression and anxiety are among the most common diagnoses in the next generation. Fearless Teens was created to provide resources for those teens dealing with fear, anxiety, and depression. We will empower teens to gain Biblical wisdom and faith-building skills, create a sisterhood, and provide positive influence through social media platforms. Our goal is to create a safe space of open communication for teens to ask tough questions and receive support. Every teen we serve can expect to learn how to find their true identity in Christ, discover His deep love for them, and step into the freedom they need in order to walk in God's best for their lives.

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Fearless Teens Camp is the perfect way for your teen to get away and focus fully on their faith instead of fear. This overnight event allows space for new friends, deep talks, powerful teaching, and tons of fun!

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Are you looking for positive influence and resources for your teen? We have you covered! Check out a list of recommended books, songs, podcasts, and content creators here.



Our teens-centered events feature worship, teaching, and activities are aimed at inspiring the next generation to live fearlessly. *Teens are invited to all Fearless Women events. 




We have created our first-ever devotional just for the Fearless Teens! Exceptionally Made is a daily interactive devotional for your teen to learn her true identity in Christ!



Community is at the core of our ministry, which doesn't stop with our teen programs. With Fearless Impact studies, girls can join a small group of other teens to study topics that relate to anxiety in their current stage of life.


Social Media

Social media is saturated with bad news and things that stress our souls. Fearless Teens is on Instagram and Tik Tok to provide a positive influence on the platforms your teen scrolls and create a place for your teen to receive support and prayer via DM's. Follow us @FearlessTeensSTL

Want to get updates on all things Fearless Teens? 
Text TEENS to (636) 339-4610

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