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Fearless Scripture Pursuit: 90 Day Challenge Group

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Megan Redwine
Megan Redwine

One thing about The Bible that’s (I’m being very honest here, no one throw a rock at me) irritating to me is the relative lack of identification of the ladies. Today’s reading names Shiprah and Puah, who I think are serious bosses. They faced certain wrath and potential death from the world’s most powerful man, but were faithful and defied him anyway. Then, they come up with a slick white lie to his face. Without their courage, Gods plan is very different looking. I promise, I’m not a man hater- shout of to the AMAZING guys in my life- but I have to wrap this comment up with a light jab. Reading on a short while later, here comes Mr. “I am not a good enough talker” and ”please please anyone but me” Moses. A person whose very existence is due to 2 ladies who did the next right thing and covered it like pros to Pharoahs face.





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